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Angleterre Hotel
Askur Hotel
Hotel Ass-Tomp CKBM
Astoria Hotel
Austrian Yard Hotel
Baltiets Hotel

Baltyskaya Health Center Hotel
Belly Nochi

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Best Western Hotel Neptun
Bolshoy Puppet Theater Hotel
Hotel Chaika
Chorney E. Belly Hotel
Hotel Clarion - North Crown
Composers Union Hotel
Hotel Construction Board No. 42

Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel
Design Hotel
Hotel Deson-Ladoga
Doma Arkeetektorov Hotel

Druzhba Hotel
Duny Hotel
Dvorets Molodezhi Hotel
Hotel Fontanka

Hotel Fort Konstantin
Fregat Hotel
Galact Hotel
Hotel German Club

Grand Hotel Europe
Herzen University Hotel
Hostel Holiday
Hostel Zimmer Freie
Hotel Na Sadovoy

Inpred Service
Hotel Izhora

Business Hotel Karelia
Hotel Kievskaya
Kirovets Hotel
Korona Guest Center

Kurort Hotel
Hotel Kupchinskaya
Labyrinth Hotel

Hotel Lel
Management Training Center Hotel
Marine Plant Hotel
Marshal Hotel

Hotel Matisov Domik
Hotel Mercury
Hotel Mir
Hotel Morskaya
Hotel Moryakov
Hotel Moscow
Nauka Hotel Complex
Navy Fleet Hotel
The Neva Hotel
Okhtinskaya Victoria Hotel
Oktiabrskaya Hotel
Oktiabrskaya Hotel Branch
Hotel Olgino
Hotel Orbita
Ostrovok Hotel

Peterhof Ship Hotel
Petrovsky Hostel
Hotel Piter

The Hotel Piterskaya
Polustrovo Hotel
Prestige Hotel

Pribaltiyskaya Hotel
Prin Business Center Hotel
Pulkovskaya Hotel
Radisson SAS Royal Hotel
Railroads State Administration Hotel
Hotel Rechnaya
Repinskaya Hotel
Motel Retour

Hotel Rossiya
Hotel Russ
Saint Petersburg Hotel
Saint Petersburg International Hostel
Spb State Technical University Hotel

Saint Petersburg University Hotel
Severnaya Hotel
Hotel Skandinavia

Sheraton Nevskij Palace
Hotel Smolneenskya
Sodruxhestvo Hotel
Sovavto-Spb Hotel

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Hotel Sportivnaya
Hotel Sputnik
Staraya Melnitza
Svetlana Hotel
Swiss Center Apartment Hotel
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Hotel Astoria   J& http://www.rfhotels.com   Phone: 7 (812) 313-5757   Toll free in the United States: 1-800-223-6800   Toll Free In Great Britain: 0800-181123

Peak Season Rates: Superior single $310; superior double/twin $340; executive single $340; executive double twin $370; junior suite $450; senior suite $500; deluxe suite; apartments $1400 to $2000. Add 25% tax. Breakfast is $24.

Location Rating: Excellent. Extremely interesting views with Saint Isaac's Cathedral being right across the street. Palace Square, The Hermitage, and the interesting Neva waterfront are within easy walking distance. The Angleterre Hotel is also right next door.Photo: Astoria Hotel, Saint Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia

Proximity to Metro: Fair. It's probably a 15 minute hike to Gostiny Dvor Metro Station, but what do you need it for when everything interesting is right here?

Lobby Appearance: Spotless. It has an antique look.

Room Appearance: The decor is tasteful antique style. A room refurbishment program will soon be completed (as of March 16, 2002).

Useful Nearby Businesses: Busy Nevsky Prospekt, where you can find everything, is right around the corner.

Hotel Restaurants: They have a restaurant and bar. Next door at the Angleterre Hotel you can find other dining choices, including a nightclub and casino.

Other Amenities: Everything you would expect from a top notch hotel.

Would I Stay Here? Yes. The location is great. The views are very interesting, yet it is not that busy with people and traffic. Ask for a cathedral view.

Staff Speaks English? Yes, of course.

Comments: The hotel was opened in 1912. It has two very elegant ballroom type areas. It was nearly completely booked during our visit. See also the Angleterre Hotel review.

Austrian Yard Hotel   J&...also known as "Avstreeskee Dvoreek"   Phone: 7 (812) 279-8235

Rates: $65 to $90. And breakfast is included.

Location Rating: Very good. Next to the Austrian Consulate. The German Consulate is just a couple buildings down the block. A marriage palace is there. A nice park. The metro is very close. Lots of cafes and shops. (Check out the Barracuda Bistro. The food is good.) And the US Consulate is the next block down. This is a good neighborhood.Photo: Austrian Yard Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia

Proximity To Metro: Excellent. Down the block and around the corner is Chernyshevskaya Metro Station. It is a 5 to 7 minute walk.

Lobby Appearance: Go to the gate to the courtyard. There is a hidden door bell to the left of this big gate. Look carefully and you'll find it. Press the bell and wait. Somebody will come out to greet you and unlock the gate. There is no real lobby, just a small basement office. Watch your head on the ceiling as you sit down by the director's desk.

Room Appearance: Everything was renovated one year ago (2001). What a dynamite place. These are apartments and they are great. There are only 4 apartments and each is unique. The first one I saw had a nice skylight, a great kitchen, beautiful new bathroom with heated floor, and everything was of very nice quality. The next apartment I saw was also excellent. These are very cozy, private, quiet apartments which face the courtyard.

Useful Nearby Businesses: The street is quiet, but you can find all kinds of shops just down the block.

Hotel Restaurants: None. There are only 4 apartments available here.

Other Amenities: Nice gardens in the courtyard.

Would I Stay Here? Absolutely!

Staff Speaks English? The director, a classy lady, prefers to speak Russian. But she seems to understand English a little. And I think she said she understood French.

Comments: There are a number of great little places in Saint Petersburg that barely anyone knows about. This is one of them. 

Submitted by an Austrian Yard guest:

Mon, 14 Jun 2004 15:35:49 +0200
              Feed back on one hotel in St Petersbourg

As I use the info on your site to prepare my recent trip to St Petersburg I
just want to confirm what you said in 2002 on Austrian Yard.
It's still a wonderful place to stay when visiting the city.

Present price : 140 USD/night for the largest apartment

Submitted by another Austrian Yard guest:      October 15, 2004

When we were on our way home, I asked my husband what the highlight of the Russia trip was for him, and he said, "I think it was our hotel!"  We completely loved The Austrian Yard.  We would come home after sightseeing and there was always someone there to greet us, and they even worried about us if we were out late!   There are guard shacks on either side of the hotel and security cameras because of the nearby consulates. We felt as safe there as we do in our own home! 
We stayed in Room #9, the "penthouse."  It had a skylight over the king-size bed that was just delightful.  The views out the windows were lovely too - gold and red ivy crawling up the building across the way.  There's a brick courtyard with a picnic table where we sat and planned our day or had a beer at the end of the day.  While we were out sightseeing, the landlady would put a tray containing our breakfast for the next day into our little fridge (cheese, meat, bread, yogurt, pastry, tea, coffee and jam.)  A grocery store is a few doors down from the hotel and on the nights we were too tired to go out to dinner, we'd buy something there and fix it in our kitchenette.  There are also at least five cafes on the same block, plus a major metro station at the end of the block.  At the other end of the block is one of St. Petersburg's most beautiful parks.  Across the street from the hotel is the wedding registry.  When we left the hotel in the mornings, we'd see the brides all lined up on the sidewalk in their beautiful dresses.  It's a bustling place during the day but the quietest hotel we've ever stayed in at night.  And our room was just immaculate.  I can't say enough about The Austrian Yard!  I'm recommending it to everyone, and we'll definitely stay there when we return to St. Petersburg!

Baltiets Hotel   J P   http://www.baltiets.ru   Phone: 7 (812) 231-6221

Rates: Brand new double 2500 rubles ($83.33); brand new suite 3400 rubles ($113.33); unrenovated suite 1900 rubles ($63.33); unrenovated, basic room for two people 1300 rubles ($43.33). The room prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Location Rating: This hotel is in the northern suburbs. The rooms we saw on the 11th floor had great views of the Gulf Of Finland, the surrounding neighborhood and its abundant pine trees. You are quite far from the city here and you need a driver who is familiar with this hotel in order to find it, because it is off the main road. Tip: Two roadways will get you there. On one there is an unusual, modern green building to the left of the highway. Part of the building appears to slant as a part of its modern design. You turn off the road there and take the driveway to the left of it. Then keep going. With the other road you will see the hotel sign.

Proximity To Metro: The Baltiets is nowhere near a metro station. It is a one hour commute by the 411 bus to Staraya Derevnya Metro Station. They expect a mini-bus service will become available in the summer which will cut that commute time in half.

Lobby Appearance: A little old, but nice. New elevators.

Room Appearance: The views higher up in this tower are very interesting. On this visit I could see the vast iced-over Gulf Of Finland and the local village. I liked the pine trees. There are lots of them there. They have 40 brand new doubles that are of excellent quality and 7 brand new suites that are also excellent. The older, unrenovated rooms just don't compare. If you are interested in staying here, I recommend you only ask for a new room with a Gulf view.

Useful Nearby Businesses: I saw a "productie" (snack) store about a mile or so away. There is also a Japanese restaurant near that store.

Hotel Restaurants: They have a nice, modern bar/cafe area and a small German restaurant, plus another bar near the movie theater.

Other Amenities: Sauna, nice indoor pool, a gym that is currently being renovated (as of March 2002), massage, solarium, internet access, billiards, stadium seating movie theater.

Would I Stay Here? Yes. Their new rooms are very comfortable and overall this facility is not bad.

Staff Speaks English? A little.

Comments: This hotel exceeded my expectations. Some of it is old, but other parts are new. The new rooms are dynamite and very comfortable. I especially liked their new cafe. It may be a difficult hotel to find.

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