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Anjuta Hotel   J         (812) 529-9701

Photo: Anjuta Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia. It is really nice inside. But the location is not desirable.


Street Address:
Industrialniy Prospect 40/1

Location: Poor

Nearest Metro: Ladozhskaya (far, far away)

Staff Speaks English?
Yes, a little.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

Mini-buses 156 or 196 will get you here from the center of the city in about "20 minutes." The hotel is not near a metro station at all.

This 6 room facility opened in May 2003. I was impressed with the quality of this hotel. It's a nice place with direct access to the hotel from the driveway (no communal foyer). The rooms are comfortable - some with a double and a single bed with still plenty of room left. During my visit to Saint Petersburg hotels in January 2004 I saw no other rooms like these with 2 sleeping areas in one room with space leftover. The bathrooms are big and brand new. Each room has air conditioning and a safe! I really liked their well-lit, well designed corridor and their bright lobby. They have a comfortable 4 table bar/restaurant with a fairly extensive English menu. Internet access is free for guests. Right next door is a 24 hour convenience store, so you can get things like delicious Russian chocolate, ice cream or alcohol at any time.

The hotel owners absolutely did a nice job with building this facility. My only beef with it is the far distance from a metro station and the location. The hotel is in a typical Saint Petersburg soviet-style apartment community (not attractive at all - so many dull, decaying, tall apartment buildings). Foreigners might not like to live among such sights. But besides this, the hotel is absolutely comfortable.

Prices range from 50 y.e. to 120 y.e., depending upon the room and time of year.

Arbat Nord Hotel
                 (812) 103-1899

Photo: Arbat Nord Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia. This hotel is really nice.


Street Address:
 Artelleriyskaya ulitsa, 4

Location: Good

Nearest Metro:
(10 to 12 minutes)

Staff Speaks English? Yes.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

This is a good facility and there is a H U G E difference between the Arbat Nord and the Russ, which is that hotel that looks like a moonbase - right across the street. While the Russ is fairly pitiful with its worn, beat, ugly interior spaces, the Arbat Nord is the complete opposite. The Arbat Nord opened May 20, 2003 with 33 comfortable, nice, brand new rooms. The hotel oozes an upscale aura. Very nice. Very comfortable. Good security presence. Free parking. An elegant place to stay.

The hotel has a small, but attractive restaurant. Each room features a sperate internet line (in addition to the phone line). Rooms are also air conditioned.

The hotel is located in the center of the city. If you enjoy walking, you will see lots of beautiful buildings as you walk to Palace Square. Nevsky Prospect is a 10 to 15 minute walk.

I was impressed with this facility. And Julia at the front desk was completely helpful and very accommodating.

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