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Arcadia Hotel   J     www.arkadia.allcafe.info          (812) 311-6173

Photo: Arcadia Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia. Very nice hotel. Strange but quiet location. Close to Nevsky Prospect.


Street Address: Nab Reki Moiki 58A

Location: Very good

Nearest Metro:
Nevsky Prospect or Sadovaya

Staff Speaks English? Yes.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

I was very surprised with this hidden hotel. To find it, you look for "58" on the building. Then you find the passage to the courtyard and then you will see to the left a new building which is the hotel. But don't turn left. Go right to gain entry to this part of the courtyard.

The hotel features 15 rooms. I was very surprised with the elegance this hotel features. It is really nice. And I especially liked their spacious second floor suites with sloped ceilings and skylight windows.

The Arcadia was opened in May 2003. They have a sauna with current pricing of 600 rubles per hour. The rooms are individually climate controlled with air conditioning. And the hotel has an elegant 6 table restaurant. I was very surprised with the attractiveness of this facility. And the location is very good. I don't like the courtyard location, but it is certain to be quiet there and guests will not have city noise to disturb their sleep.

Also, another reason why I like this hotel is because of the neighborhood. There is beauty there. One of the canals is right in front of the building. And old, architecturally attractive buildings line the canal. Pizza Hut is on the other side of the canal. McDonald's is one block away and KFC just opened a location on Nevsky Prospect - which is a 5 to 7 minute stroll away. (Nevsky Prospect is the main, hip street in the city and you are very close to it when you stay at the Arcadia, yet away from the hustle and bustle.

Other notes:

1. The Arcadia has no elevator.

2. Of course I advise skipping the American fastfood. Saint Petersburg is loaded full of so many wonderful cafes and restaurants.


Baltic Star Hotel     J     www.balticstar-hotel.ru           (812) 438-5700

Photo: Baltic Star Hotel in the suburbs south of St. Petersburg, Russia.

email: info@balticstar-hotel.ru

Street Address: 3 Berezovaya - Strelna

Location: Not in the city

Nearest Metro: Probably Avtovo - far, far away

Staff Speaks English? Yes.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

The Baltic Star opened in May 2003 and has been promoting itself as a 5 star hotel. It is located in the suburb of Strelna, which is south of the city and along the Gulf Of Finland. Next door to the hotel is the newly restored Konstantinovsky Palace - also referred to as the Presidential Palace. Sometimes it is open for tourists to see part of this building. When Putin comes, the palace is closed to visitors.

The Baltic Star has 106 rooms with high season prices ranging from $300 to $1200 per night. The hotel also has 20 VIP cottages close to the Gulf for $5000 a day. Yes, that's right... five thousand. This is where important politicians stay and people like that.

I very much enjoyed my tour of this impressive facility. The surroundings are elegant and classy. And if you decide to stay here, you will have a quiet room because the hotel is far from the main road and the palace park is next to the hotel. They also offer excellent conference rooms with a simultaneous translation capability.

I loved their indoor pool area. They have a nice billiards area to relax in. The restaurants are elegant. All the surroundings are pleasant.

This is probably one of the very best hotels in the region when it comes to comfort and luxury. There are so many great things about this hotel. But it is in the southern suburbs and to go anywhere from the hotel, you will need a driver.

The facility was designed with security and luxury in mind.

Photo: A Baltic Star VIP cottage, south of St. Petersburg, Russia.
One of their 20 VIP cottages ($5000 per day)


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