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Central Inn Mini-Hotel                (812) 117-4516      fax: (812) 346-8636

Photo: Central Inn Mini-Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia. Saint Isaac's Cathedral can be seen right down the street.

Street Address: ulitsa Yakubovicha, 2 apartment 14

Location: Very Good

Nearest Metro: Gostiny Dvor (20 minute walk)

Staff Speaks English? No.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

The Central Inn has quite a good location in the Saint Isaac's Square vicinity and has very competitive room pricing for this location. But - there are only 4 rooms right now. They have plans to add a second floor with additional rooms by summer 2004.

This facility opened in July 2003. It features no air conditioning. The rooms are tight with not much maneuvering space, but the bathrooms are fine. The main corridor is narrow. The hotel also has a communal foyer/entryway/stairwell that is old and crappy, but the lighting is okay.

Signage outside the building makes the location much easier to find than the typical mini-hotel. You'll need to press a button to gain access to the building. When you find the hotel entry point inside the building, you'll need to push another button to be let in.

The lobby is ultra small with just 2 tables and a bar. Views are of the uninteresting courtyard. Prices currently are 1900 to 2200 rubles (as of 1/29/04). You can also use a room for 2 or 3 hours for 1200 rubles! Breakfast is included in the full rate. Check-in is 13:00. Checkout is 12:00. This hotel is a good value.

Thankfully the hotel is on a lower floor of this building. I felt adventurous and thought I would try to climb the stairwell to the top to see what it was like. It is so old, dark and crappy that I wondered if the stairwell would hold me and I felt some anxiety with the height. Boy, that stairwell is so crappy. This is the way it is with mini-hotels. Be prepared for a shock when you enter one of these buildings. The hotels are usually made out of former communal apartments and usually when you enter the hotel section everything is modern.

Columb Mini-Hotel           (812) 314-0996


Street Address: 41-13 Kazanskaya

Photo: Columb Mini Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Enter through the courtyard passage to the left.

Location: Very good. You can walk to Saint Isaac's in about 10 minutes or so.

Nearest Metro: Sadovaya (10 to 12 minutes)

Staff Speaks English? Yes.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

This mini-hotel is a little different. First, you must have the door code before you arrive, or a cell phone to call the hotel for door help, or you are screwed.

The hotel entrance is located inside the courtyard, not along the street. Parking is available in the courtyard. A small police station is located about 20 feet away from the entrance to the hotel! So this area is fairly secure.

The hotel has just 3 rooms (three). But they expect to open another location with 15 rooms in the near future.

The building exterior is not impressive, but the indoor facility is nice. There is a 2 table hangout area by the front desk. Internet access for 96 rubles per hour is available in that front desk area too.

The rooms all feature a similar decor and they are nice, comfortable rooms. This hotel opened in Summer 2003. So everything is new. Rooms have air conditioning. A clean-looking Chinese restaurant is right outside.

Current pricing : (January 8, 2004) $105 single, $132 double, $40 for an extra bed.

Photo: Entrance to Columb Mini Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia.



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