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Hotel Iskra       J               (812) 230-6027

Photo: Hotel Iskra, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Ground floor, immediately to the right.


Street Address: Malaya Pocadskaya ulitsa 10/1

Location: Very Good

Nearest Metro: Gorkovskaya (6 to 8 minute walk)

Staff Speaks English? A little.

Would I Stay Here? I like the neighborhood.

The hotel has 7 rooms on the ground floor and the hotel is located in an interesting part of the city known as "Petrogradskaya." The hotel was opened in the Summer of 2002. A hidden (no signs) VIP bank is across the hall from the hotel's entrance. Police also are stationed in that bank. And upstairs lives some state duma people. There are also "serious companies" in the neighborhood and security cameras and security people are everywhere according to the Iskra owner. Hmm... I didn't see this.

The communal foyer and stairwell were dirty on my visit. The hotel said this was because of renovation work taking place at apartments upstairs.

The owner said this mini-hotel was rated among the 50 best mini-hotels in Russia. They have a "double system" of cleaning the water. The air is also filtered. The owner said the filters were huge. I asked to see them - hmm... the filters are enclosed in ducts in the ceiling, so I couldn't verify it. The hotel has no air conditioning. The owner says the building walls are so thick in this old building that heat in the summer is not a problem.

Other features: Fire resistant walls with special paneling made by a German company. Internet access just 30 rubles per hour and 15 rubles per hour if you bring your own laptop. Most bathrooms have heated floors. Free extra blankets and heaters! There is a nice little kitchen/breakfast area. There are protective shutters on the windows and security sensors in the rooms. "Never a burglary."

I like the neighborhood. But the room decor does not thrill me. This location is fairly quiet. And you can have some really interesting walks from here.

Pricing as of January 23, 2004 is 85 to 100 y.e.

Mechta Hotel
...also seems to be known as Arenda Guest Rooms (812) 314-8244

Photo: Neighborhood of the Mechta Mini Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Mini-hotel is located a long block up that road.

Street Address: Marata ul. 9

Location: Excellent

Nearest Metro: Mayakovskaya (5 minute walk)

Staff Speaks English? No.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

This is a new micro hotel with 4 rooms. The entrance is located on the street (rather than in the courtyard). The communal entryway is clean and recently painted. It happens to be next to the Swiss Consulate, so the sidewalk is under guard (which is good).

In the 4 rooms, the bathrooms are nice. The bedroom areas are new, but a little plain. Pricing is good:

1500 rubles - 1 person

1800 rubles - 2 people

2000 rubles - for the best room

* Pricing as of 1/23/04

I suggest to those seeking a room here to ask for a courtyard window. If you get a steet window, you will have an interesting view of a busy part of the city. But bring ear plugs or something like that in case you need them to sleep.

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