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Nevsky 91 Mini-Hotel      J          (812) 277-1888

Photo: Hotels On Nevsky Association. This organization has at least 3 locations on Nevsky Prospect.
Mini-hotel is connected to the building with the giant Coca Cola sign. You'll need help finding the entrance.


Street Address: 91 Nevsky Prospect (not across the street from 90/92, but further up the road)

Location: Excellent.

Nearest Metro: Ploshchad Vosstaniya

Staff Speaks English? Depends who is working. If a non-fluent English-speaking person is on duty, they will call their colleagues at their other location Nevsky 90/92 (which is a good 10 minute walk away).

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

I don't really like the passage to the communal entrance of the building. You must walk through a sort of dark, quiet (January 9, 2004) courtyard area. I found it uncomfortable.

The stairwell is used by other normal Russians who have apartments in the building. I heard a dog barking in one of those apartments. Once you are inside the hotel though, everything is fine.

This 14 room hotel was opened in August 2002. Everything is new. Room number 7 has a very nice sauna room attached to it. If the guest in room 7 doesn't want to use it, then other guests can use it. Cost is 540 rubles for 1 hour; 810 rubles for 2 hours or 1800 rubles for all day.

A nice fish tank with big Oscars and catfish is in the lounge area. A bar is there, but no alcohol or bartender. Local art is on the walls. There is a really nice, cozy kitchen where you can cook a meal for yourself. And the kitchen has an interesting view of Nevsky Prospect. Some of the rooms also have this view. No air conditioning though, so rooms that border Nevsky will be noisy in the summer. The courtyard side will be quieter.

Compared to Nevsky 88, this entryway is in better condition and is quieter. I like how it is so close to the busy square which includes the newly renovated Moscow Train Station, Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station and interesting, unique sites.

Onore Mini-Hotel
J              (812) 346-5679

Photo: Onore Mini Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Street Address: ul. Chaykovskovo 12

Location: Good.

Nearest Metro: Chernyshevskaya

Staff Speaks English? One administrator speaks English. Another speaks French.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

This 7 room hotel opened in July 2003. One of the good things about this mini-hotel is that they have an entrance that directly connects with the hotel, instead of requiring guests to pass through a communal foyer.

The lobby area is bright, clean and attractive. You can sit and enjoy music video satellite TV while you have a drink from the hotel's water cooler. The hotel features a nice pine stairwell to the second floor. Small paintings of the city are on the corridor walls.

Upstairs there is a small bar area with 2 bar stools, 2 tables and some chairs. A continental breakfast is provided to guests free of charge. Internet access is available for 4 rubles per minute.

I saw one room here. The bathroom was nice. The room was adequate, but a hair lower in comfort compared to some of the other mini-hotels in its class, although still fine. Peak season rates are currently (as of January 2004) 80 to 90 y.e. per night with y.e. = 31 rubles.

The hotel is located just a few steps away from the Neva Hotel.

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