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Polikoff Hotel      J       www.polikoff.ru          (812) 314-7925

Photo: Polikoff Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia. They have sound insulated rooms.
Go down street to the right. Entrance is on the left. Call hotel for help finding the door. Or hire one of our guides.

Street Address: Nevsky Prospect 64/11

Location: Excellent

Nearest Metro: Gostiny Dvor (about a 10 minute walk)

Staff Speaks English? Yes, but the front desk person on duty was able to understand English, but couldn't speak it.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

The entrance is on the side street that connects to Nevsky Prospect. The hotel opened in May 2003, and it is still a work in progress as of 1/21/2004. There is no elevator, and the climb up 4 floors is a bit strenuous. The stairwell also needs some work. It is clean, but quite old and worn looking. There is no signage whatsoever that indicates a hotel is in the building. We weren't sure which door was the correct one? But then the front desk person let us in. Wow! The lobby is spacious, comfortable and really nice! I liked it immediately. It is good interior design.

The fourth floor has 7 rooms. Soon to be opened is the 2nd floor which will have 8 rooms. The 8 rooms will have air conditioning, be more spacious, have more luxury amenities like jacuzzis, AND they will be sound insulated! This is important. Noise can be a problem at a hotel. If your neighbor is on their honeymoon, well, it could impact your ability to sleep. So sound insulation is a good thing.

After the 2nd floor opens, they will also sound-proof the 4th floor rooms. And also, after the construction is over they have plans to beautify the communal stairwell.

Room cost is currently 80 to 120 "units" with units equal to 36 rubles right now (as of January 2004).

Breakfast is included and can be had at local restaurant "Mama Roma." The hotel offers unlimited coffee, tea, juice and bottled water to their guests. They consider their hotel to be "business class."

This hotel is a good value: new, comfortable, excellent location, and sound insulated! And I liked manager Vera.


Premiere Hotel    J     www.spbhotel.com          (812) 114-1877

Photo: Premiere Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Greenish building to the right, far street entrance.

email: info@spbhotel.com

Street Address: 4 Soyuza Pechatnikov ul.

Location: If being close to the Mariinsky Theater is important to you, then this location is very good.

Nearest Metro: Sadovaya (about a 20 minute walk)

Staff Speaks English? Some.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

An interesting thing about this hotel is the image that is created in their advertising... it doesn't quite match. "Premiere Hotel" ...just the words alone bring high expectations. And when you see their logo, it looks like it's in the same class as the Grand Hotel Europe. So it's funny to me to arrive at the hotel and find myself passing through an old, unattractive communal entryway, which is so common among the mini-hotels.

The hotel opened in June 2003 with 9 rooms. Currently 6 more rooms are under construction. Their luxury suites have air conditioning. Internet usage is available for 20 rubles per 15 minutes. I liked their first floor lobby. The ceiling has an unusual, subtle mirror effect. The lobby has 4 bar stools, 3 tables, a working fireplace and bottled water for guests.

The rooms are new, but left me with a so-so impression. They have plans to rejuvenate the communal entryway/stairwell.

High season prices range from 60 to 130 y.e. (as of January 2004).

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