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Rinaldi Bed & Breakfast    J  www.rinaldi.ru      (812) 973-5140

email: info@rinaldi.ru

Street Address: Moskovsky Prospect 20

Photo: Rinaldi Bed & Breakfast, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Courtyard entrance to the right, near red, third car. Hotel entrance is way back in the courtyard.

Location: Good

Nearest Metro: Technologichesky Institute (a 7 to 10 minute walk)

Staff Speaks English? Depends who is on duty.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

This facility opened in April 2003. The entrance is located in the far courtyard to the immediate right. You must press the button for someone to come to the door to let you in. After you are a guest, they give you the door code so you can let yourself in. This entryway is used by other Russians to go to their apartments. Like many other mini-hotels, the communal stairwell is not impressive, but once you are inside the hotel, everything is nice.

This location features 8 *tight* rooms. There is little extra space in the rooms. Bottled water is in the lobby. There is a refrigerator in the lobby. Breakfast is included in the room price. And two cafes are just outside where food can be ordered to your room.

The pricing is a good deal with best rates available by pre-booking more than 30 days in advance (right now 2 people can be as little as $55 a night until April 15th, 2004.) It is not as comfortable as other choices, but everything is new.


Rinaldi Bed & Breakfast  J   6 Maly Prospect V.O.      (812) 323-3255

Website and email the same as above.

Location: Good.

Nearest Metro: Sportivnaya (about a 12 to 15 minute walk over the bridge)

Staff Speaks English? No.

Would I Stay Here? Yes.

Photo: Inside another Rinaldi location, St. Petersburg, Russia.

This Rinaldi location has just 4 rooms. It was hard to find the entrance to the correct communal stairway. And the entry into the communal foyer was dark. There was no signage anywhere to tell me where the hotel was.

Inside the hotel things are a bit cramped with most spaces. This facility was opened in June 2003, so everything is new, although the bedrooms have a basic, budget aura to them. Prices start at $40 as of 1/27/04.

The hotel has bottled water for guests and a small kitchen. The entryway to this facility is not comfortable, especially at night. But it is cheap.

Main hotel corridor to the right. It's a little tight there. --->

From: Matthew
To: RussianGuideNet@mail.ru
Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 11:15:23 AM
Subject: Comments on the Rinaldi B&B

Dear Ed,

I used your hotel guide to make a choice on where to stay in St. Petersburg.  I stayed at the Rinaldi B&B on Vasilievsky Island for 10 days in October.  I enjoyed my stay there very much.  It is inexpensive but clean and modern.  The staff, Elena and Tania, were very friendly and helpful.  I speak very little Russian but that did not make a difference.  We were able to communicate despite the language barrier.  Elena and Tania sort of adopted me and would feed me anytime I was at the B&B.  Of course, breakfast was provided, but if I came back in the afternoon or the evening they would feed me again!  Also, they have one of those cool Italian coffee machines that grinds the coffee to make individual cups.  As a coffee lover, I appreciated that very much!!!  The neighborhood is very good--pretty close to the MacDonalds and the metro.  There is a little restaurant called the Lion behind the McDonalds that is very good.  Also, the Stolle Cafe is great too.  It is a nice walk down to the Neva and the Hermitage.

Anyway, I can recommend it highly--you can not beat the price--I paid about $45 a night for a single.



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