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Chorney E Belly ...translation: Black & White   K P  Nice tiny rooms, but no bathrooms.  
Phone: 7 (812) 434-7188

Rates: 800 rubles ($26.67) or two hours for 250 rubles.

Location Rating: Along a highway in the northern suburbs of Saint Petersburg. A short distance beyond the Retour Motel.

Proximity To Metro: Nowhere near it!

Lobby Appearance: The lobby is a small, but attractive bar/cafe. Go to the bartender/counter person to inquire about a room.

Room Appearance: They have 7 rooms that are really small with just about enough room for a queen size bed. The rooms look cozy. But they don't have bathrooms.

Useful Nearby Businesses: There's not really much around. A cafe is down the highway a bit.

Hotel Restaurants: Just the cafe/bar.

Other Amenities: They have a banquet hall and a banya/sauna.

Would I Stay Here? Yes, I would stay here for one night. I would not make it my home during a long term stay.

Staff Speaks English? No.

Comments: This little hotel is not bad. Really tiny rooms though.

Hotel Clarion - North Crown   @ Under construction.

As of February 2002 this hotel is still under construction. It looks like it's going to be a substantial hotel. The location is good too... an interesting section of the city. Petrogradskaya Metro Station.Photo: After 9 years of construction, this St. Petersburg, Russia hotel is still under construction! A roof recently collapsed. I first discovered the hotel through a website that listed the information current as of June 1998, and construction on the hotel still is not done? Something is wrong here. I heard a legal dispute is involved. ???

Update: January 2004. The hotel has been under construction for 9 years. A roof recently collapsed. Who knows when it will be open? Also referred to as "Petrograd Inter Hotel" ???

Composers Union Hotel
K   7 (812) 314-4134

Rates: $15 per bed. Most rooms have 2 beds.

Location Rating: Excellent. Foreigners accepted and just down the block from the Astoria Hotel.

Proximity To Metro: Fair. It's probably a 15 minute hike or more to Gostiny Dvor Metro Station, but what do you need it for when everything interesting is right here?

Lobby Appearance: It looks like it was really nice about 25 years ago.Photo: Composers Union Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia

Photo: Courtyard entrance to Composers Union Hotel, St. Petersburg, RussiaRoom Appearance: The facility is old and basic. Not terrible. Not that nice. But cheap!

Hotel Restaurants: None.

Other Amenities: None.

Would I Stay Here? The location is great. It's close to Saint Isaac's Cathedral, Palace Square, The Hermitage and the Neva waterfront. But I would prefer a more comfortable place to stay.

Staff Speaks English? No.

Comments: This hotel only has 5 rooms. There is no sign on the building. You must walk into the courtyard. The door is in the back towards the left corner. Address: Bolshaya Morskaya ulitsa 45.

Hotel Construction Board No. 42   L   Phone: 7 (812) 310-0412

Rates For Foreigners: 840 rubles ($28) for 2 people; 1120 rubles ($37.33) for 3 people; 1520 rubles ($50.67) for 4 people.

Location Rating: Good. A ten minute walk to Nevsky Prospekt. Close to the metro. Lots of shops nearby.

Proximity To Metro: Good. A 10 to 12 minute walk to Sennaya Ploshchad Metro Station.

Lobby Appearance: Poor. We saw the sign on the building. Then it took us about 10 minutes to find the right door to enter the facility. It is quite difficult to find. We asked a fair number of people where the right door was. When you see the sign, go to the complete opposite end of the building. Open the door. Go up the stairs. You'll see the lobby is quite old looking and not nice. The corridors are the same way.Photo: Hotel Construction Board No. 42, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Room Appearance: Basic. Very basic. No bathroom. Private shower stalls and bathrooms are down the hallway. These facilities actually looked fairly modern.

Useful Nearby Businesses: Plenty of nearby stores. This is a shopping area.

Hotel Restaurants: None.

Other Amenities: None.

Would I Stay Here? No.

Staff Speaks English? No.

Comments: Their foreigner rates are really greedy for what you get. This place is very, very basic. Not recommended.

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