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Toaz Hotel    J     (812) 324-4147

Photo: Toaz Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Street Address: Saperniy per. 20

Location: Good.

Nearest Metro: Chernyshevskaya (10 to 12 minutes away)

Staff Speaks English? Some.

Would I Stay Here? I think so.

The Toaz needed to have more than one person at the front desk on the day I arrived. And the "tax police" had the manager tied up.

I wasn't sure if this was a new hotel or not? The exterior of the building looked great. I sat and waited in the lobby waiting room. Dirt on one spot of the granite floor looked like it had been there for a long time. An exit door that looked dated was letting in a lot of cold air. The seal was not at all tight. And it made that lobby room chilly.

As I waited in the lobby waiting room, I tried to determine if this hotel was new, or a renovated old hotel. I wasn't sure. Then I learned they opened in May 2003.

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to see any rooms on this day, but I was shown the restaurant. It's a nice restaurant, plus it is air conditioned.

The hotel has 30 rooms and some are 3 room apartments. I was told the rooms are air conditioned and that a swimming pool is under construction.

They have rooms on 5 floors. The good news is they have an elevator. The bad news is if you are afraid of heights, then the stairwell is not for you. It is a very attractive stairwell with a lot of marble and mirrors. I found all the mirrors plus the circle/square pattern of ascending/descending steps to affect my sense of balance though. It is not that often that a stairwell does that to me.

I also noticed the signage was mostly Russian. Some hotels make it easier for their English-speaking guests than the Toaz.

High season prices range from 156 to 234 y.e.

In my opinion there are better values available than what the Toaz offers. And I wish somebody could have let me see some rooms.



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