Sasha - Saint Petersburg

   Highly Experienced Guide & Very Knowledgeable 

   8 years of higher education and trained to be an English teacher

   Very enjoyable personality

   Multiple licenses to practice guiding in numerous museums

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Sasha is a great, street-smart guide who routinely has very satisfied customers. As of May 2003 he is also our new manager in Saint Petersburg. He is a rock solid guide and you can depend on him completely. Very professional.  Sasha's quote:

"I really love St. Petersburg and I'd be happy to show visitors the beauty of the "Northern Capital of Russia" and tell about its legendary and mysterious past. I'm quite an easy-going person and can mix well with people from different walks of life. I'm interested in Russian history, art, music and sport. Married, a non-smoker."

More about Sasha: he is a skilled at negotiations and bribing. One example... his customers had overweight baggage for their flight to Moscow. The charge was $65. He intervened and got it cut to $35. A good guide can find ways to save you money and get you better deals. Sasha is one of those guides. Sasha previously was an artillery commander stationed in an East German forest. He later went on to work for one of Saint Petersburg's 5 star hotels before becoming a full-time professional guide. He is originally from the Siberian city of Omsk and he enjoys going back home in January to see his relatives. His wife Julia is a professor at one of the Saint Petersburg area's most prestigious universities and she teaches students to become English teachers. Sasha oversees everything with the delivery of service for all of our guides.

Veronica - St. Petersburg

   English teacher... sounds American

   Graduated from rigorous guide training organization

   Multiple licenses to practice guiding in numerous museums

   One of our best

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Veronica has done guide work for the customers of such elite hotels as the Astoria, the Nevskij Palace, and the Grand Hotel Europe. Among her museum licenses, she possess a license to practice guiding at Yusupov Palace. This is a very difficult license to get. (Veronica has more museum licenses than any other guide of ours.) She spent 6 months living in California, is very outgoing and energetic, as well as professional. She enjoys tennis, skiing, art and books.

"Most of all I am interested in art and sports. My mother and father are painters and they got me excited about art and the history of Saint Petersburg. As for my interest in sports, I think it is necessary for me. It keeps me happy and joyful, and I can always share my good mood with the people I work with."  --Veronica

Anna K - St. Petersburg

   English Teacher of 10 years

   Graduated from rigorous guide training organization

   Spontaneous, enthusiastic and a very enjoyable and fun personality

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Anna is very universal. She can deal with a wide range of personalities. This talent probably comes from her experience in teaching high school students. She has traveled to many countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Bulgaria and she enjoys jazz clubs, ballet, operas, figure skating and classical music. She's great - and very pleasant. Our customers love her.


"The city of palaces and museums, ballet and music awaits you. And I'll be happy to make your stay in Saint Petersburg enjoyable and comfortable. Once you visit Saint Petersburg, it will stay in your heart and memory forever."  --Anna

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