Photo: Palace Square, St. Petersburg, Russia. Saint Isaac's Cathedral is in the distance.Driver Services

Saint Petersburg
There are two airports south of the city, one for domestic flights, and one for international flights (Pulkovo 2). We can have a driver waiting for you when you arrive. This way you are not at the mercy of the airport taxi service.

Consult Lena for current pricing. Rides that take place between 11pm and 6am require a night tarrif. Ask for details.

It is recommended you arrive at the airport with 2 hours of cushion time before your flight.

Drivers can also be hired by the hour. The minimum charge would be for 3 hours with one hour being charged for delivery of the vehicle (per day). Specialty vehicles such as buses and limousines can also be arranged.

* We arrange drivers for our guide service customers only.

We recommend Peace Travel Services for airport transportation in Moscow:

Photo: Catherine Palace, Pushkin, Russia.

Cell Phone Rental

For our guide service customers only, we can rent you a cell phone. Cost: $50 for the first week, and $7 for each additional day. Airtime is extra. Let us know before you arrive how much airtime you want to buy. When the airtime runs out, you cannot make or receive additional calls. And you would need to contact us to add more airtime to the account.



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