Helen - Saint Petersburg

   English Teacher           * Customer Testimonials *

   Graduated from rigorous guide training organization

   Multiple licenses to practice guiding in numerous museums

   Can speak German and currently is studying French


Helen is a very pleasant personality. She enjoys Russian history and has been to the United States and Holland in exchange programs. She has also visited Germany, France and Finland. She is interested in culture, museums and loves teaching.
Helen's quote:

"I think communicating is one of the most precious gifts that life gives one, that is why I find guiding so pleasurable. It is also most gratifying when your guests feel comfortable and at ease while you are familiarizing them with Russian culture, history and present day life. I think I can call myself an outgoing, open-minded and thoughtful person, who is ready to accept new challenges and is willing to make her guests' stay in Saint-Petersburg an enjoyable and memorable experience."


Elena - Saint Petersburg

   Graduated from rigorous guide training organization

   Multiple licenses to practice guiding in numerous museums

   Excellent English, plus fluent Spanish and very good French

   A very capable guide and a lot of fun

        * Read Testimonials *

Elena was instrumental in our hotel inspection work. I spent a lot of time with her visiting hotels, and I can tell you firsthand she is a dynamite guide... A very enjoyable person and a lot of fun. She is a public relations graduate.

"My real passion is dancing. I also like traveling and meeting new people from different places of the world and discovering other cultures. And that is probably the reason I'm so fond of speaking foreign languages. I am in love with my city Saint Petersburg which is especially beautiful in summer and I would be happy to share my knowledge and feelings with you."  --Elena



Gulia - Saint Petersburg

   Excellent English & very good French

   Completed guide training program in Spring 2002

   Public Relations graduate

            * Read Testimonial *               

 Gulia is a proven guide. She is well-liked by our customers. And she would be a good choice.  As a hobby, she likes Latin dancing. She worked for a year as an English teacher.



"I love my city very much and know many interesting things about it. My real passion is discovering new things about different people and places in the world. I'm very sociable, friendly and an easygoing person. I speak English and French. I am interested in art, painting, as well as many other things."   --Gulia

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