Galina - Saint Petersburg

   Excellent English with a perfect American accent

   Intermediate French & German

   Completed guide training program in Spring 2002

   Very charming. Very confident. Very personable.

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Galina has a universal personality and is capable of dealing with a wide range of personalities. She is very knowledgeable about Saint Petersburg history and knows a great deal about Russian authors.

"People are truly different not only by nature but by their cultural and historical background as well. And I truly believe that some kind of cross-cultural experience adds a lot to our education and general perception of reality. It seems to me that the main goal of a guide is to give the tourists an insight into the culture he or she represents. This can be achieved not only by means of sightseeing, which mainly reveals the past of the country rather than its present, but also by giving the tourists an idea of what our everyday life here looks like nowadays. The food we eat, the stores we shop in, our fashion and stereotypes, our preferences in literature and politics, the way we spend our weekends is all an essential part of our culture which I am very interested and eager to share with "my guests."


Anna Z. - St. Petersburg
Teacher Of English

   Graduated from rigorous guide training organization

   Multiple licenses to practice guiding in numerous museums


Anna speaks excellent English. She formerly worked at a Saint Petersburg travel agency and also at one of the city's hotels. During her studies she was a an exchange student in Italy. She enjoys art and mountain hiking and is fond of painting. She is a vegetarian.    



Saint-Petersburg - Venice of the North - is a charming mysterious city, an integral part of my life. I am forever in love with it.  And I am always happy and eager to share my knowledge about my city with people who come here. During these few days you are going to spend here I will try my best to make you feel and understand the spirit of Saint Petersburg. I am a sociable, romantic and easy-going person. Art is my major hobby so I am an amateur artist. Mountain hiking is my second passion. The more I live, the more I love this world and people around me.


Ksenia - St. Petersburg

   Excellent English. Currently studying to become an English teacher.

   Graduated from rigorous guide training organization

   Multiple licenses to practice guiding in numerous museums

   Also understands Spanish and a little German


Ksenia likes Pushkin, (probably because she lives there). She has been to Germany, France and England. Among her interests are skating, various sports and surfing the web. She knows a lot about Saint Petersburg and one other thing I find impressive about her is she graduated from her university by the time she was 20.


"I enjoy meeting new people & learning new things. My 2 years of experience in working as a guide helped me to realize how interesting it is. I'm fond of reading English & American literature, listening to music & taking pictures. I'm interested in Russian history & the history of Saint Petersburg & I am eager to share my knowledge with the guests of our city." --Ksenia

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