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Snezhana - is a very experienced, accredited Moscow guide with over 6 years of experience. Her spoken English is excellent - probably because she has spent some time living in the US. "Snezhana" translates to "snowflake," and she does not mind if you call her snowflake. I very much enjoyed meeting Snezhana and I am very confident our customers will be very pleased with her as a guide.

Elena - is a very experienced, accredited Moscow guide. She spent a day giving me an orientation of the city. Her knowledge is very extensive and thorough. As we walked the streets and other areas, she shared with me unusual, but interesting tidbits of information about the places we passed. That's what a good guide does. Elena is a professional and I have complete confidence in referring our customers to her.

Konstantin - is super cool and he has a certain charm that makes everybody his friend instantly. He gives an immediate, positive impression. And he is quite unusual. Konstantin has lead tour groups to unusual places like a very black section in Cape Town, South Africa and to dangerous Columbia. He has a very unusual combination of qualities and experiences. He formerly lived in the gay section of Toronto and developed friendships with gay men. Although not gay, Konstantin is completely comfortable around gay men, says he understands gay men and he welcomes them as customers. On the other hand, he can teach heterosexual men how to pick up women! So Konstantin is quite a versatile guide with a universal appeal and he knows this city very well.

Irina - is an intelligent, experienced accredited Moscow guide. She can speak Hebrew and besides the usual Moscow guide knowledge, she has some additional areas of specialization... for example one specialty tour she can offer is "The Mysteries Of Underground Moscow" which involves the basements of certain old churches and palaces. She can arrange for you to drink vodka with a Russian family. She can show you Jewish Moscow. She can provide a military tour. She has a special interest in poems and formerly played the cello. Irina enjoys designing clothes as one of her hobbies.  Irina strikes me as a professional who gets things done. Her demeanor can be serious and quietly intense, and then warm with a big smile.

Irina 2 - is our Kremlin expert! Irina gave me an immediate, very positive impression. She has been guiding for 20 years and she specializes in the Kremlin area. She is an expert with sites like the Armory Museum inside the Kremlin. Irina demonstrated her knowledge firsthand to me by giving me a tour of the Diamond Fund. I was very impressed with her in-depth knowledge and she made the visit to this location interesting and educational. She also showed me an interesting church, walked me through some neighborhoods and showed me some metro stations and street locations. Irina impressed me very much and I feel quite confident and comfortable in recommending our customers to her. She is quite nice and pleasant.

Thursday, May 20, 2004 12:16 PM
Subject: Tatiana

Dear Lena,

Just a short email to thank you for introducing us to Tatiana.

She was absolutely delightful to be with and her knowledge of all the beautiful artifacts in the Kremlin was excellent.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day with her and trust that our very extensive programme did not exhaust her.

We found Moscow absolutely beautiful and fascinating and will definitely tell our friends to visit.

Please thank Tatiana again from us and give her our best regards

Patricia & Brian, Lena & Jonathan

Sergey - is our driver in Moscow. He has a clean Volkswagon Passatt station wagon. Sergey is 29 and was trained to be a lawyer. He enjoys snow skiing very much and water skiing in the summer, plus mountain biking. I found Sergey to be very polite, respectful and courteous. And his style of driving is calm. He has been studying English and has a fluent English capability. Sergey gave me a ride to the train station and I very much enjoyed our chat along the way.

* * *

We have a few other guides that we can call upon. And if you need airport transportation or a driver around this city, this can be arranged.




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Photo: St Basil's, Red Square, Moscow, Russia.
St. Basil Cathedral, Moscow
...Moscow's most distinguished landmark.

Photo: The "GUM"  shopping mall. Moscow, Russia.
The mall near Red Square known as "Gum."

An interesting place for a stroll...

Photo: Changing of the guard. Moscow, Russia.
A Kremlin guard.
It's fascinating to watch the changing of the guard at their eternal flame.

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