All of our guides are fluent in English with years of study in this language. Nearly all of them have been trained to be English teachers. And every guide of ours has gone through a very intensive guide training program lasting more than 6 months. Licenses to practice guiding at the various museums are costly and quite difficult to get. These credentials serve as proof of their competency and high quality. They are professionals.

The Russian Guide Network, Inc has a zero tolerance policy regarding the sexual harassment of our guides. Our guides are good people, and we care about them. If you mistreat our guide, your privileges are over - with no second chances. This means our dealings with you will cease and there will be no refunds whatsoever, at a minimum.Photo: Cruise Aurora, St. Petersburg, Russia. The bad behavior that we have no tolerance for includes yelling at the guide, cursing at the guide or other bizarre behavior. (So far we have only had one incident in our 2+ years of business.)

The cost of your guide does not include ordinary expenses incurred while serving you. Wherever the guide accompanies you, you must pay their way. This includes transportation costs, admission to theaters, museums, eating at cafes, restaurants, etc. This additional expense will probably not be high, as public transportation is quite inexpensive and Russians pay much less to enter the theaters and museums. The majority of cafes and restaurants are a good value, although some are expensive. There are no big surprises... the main things is - the guide should not have to take money out of their own pocket to serve you.

If you are satisfied with the service and wish to reward your guide for a job well done, gratuities are certainly permitted and they'll be very grateful.

Within 2 weeks of booking a guide, we must receive your payment. If payment is not received, the guide will become available to be booked by someone else.

If you wish to proceed with booking a guide now, please email us the following information:

* Whether you want us to assign you a guide, or the guide you most prefer to work with.

* Dates of the assignment.

* If your travel arrangements have already been made, please provide your flight itinerary and hotel information.

* Do you want us to arrange airport transportation?

* Please provide us some brief details on how you would like the guide to serve you, i.e. where you want to go, what you want to do.

Above: The Cruiser Aurora signaled the storming of the Winter Palace in 1917.


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